I am a physicist, data scientist and machine learning enthusiast currently working as a process engineer at Intel.

I conducted my graduate research as a member of Prof. Andrew Mugler’s research group at Purdue University. For my thesis dissertation I studied phenomena related to single and multicellular chemotaxis using computational tools and mathematical models. The research problems were primarily related to how noise and fluctuations in a cell’s microenvironment limit its ability to chemotax, and how collective cell behavior can improve chemotactic performance. My thesis can be found on Purdue’s library website and on my github.

Here is a link to my resume, and my Linkedin. Please reach out if you would like to view a more up-to-date resume. You may also check out my github page to view the simulation code I developed for my research as well as hobby data science projects.

Research Papers

  • J. Varennes, H. Moon, S. Saha, A. Mugler, and B. Han (equal contributors). *Physical constraints on accuracy and persistence during breast cancer cell chemotaxis. PLoS Computational Biology, 2019. [paper][preprint]
  • S. Gupta, J. Varennes, H. C. Korswagen, and A. Mugler. Temporal precision of regulated gene expression. PLoS Computational Biology, 2018. [paper][preprint]
  • J. Varennes, S. Fancher, B. Han, and A. Mugler. Emergent versus individual-based multicellular chemotaxis. Physical Review Letters, 2017. [paper][preprint]
  • J. Varennes, B. Han, and A. Mugler. Collective chemotaxis through noisy multicellular gradient sensing. Biophysical Journal, 2016. [paper][preprint]
  • J. Varennes and A. Mugler. Sense and sensitivity: physical limits to multicellular sensing, migration and drug response. Molecular Pharmaceutics, 2016. [paper][preprint]
  • A.W. Cummings, J. Varennes, F. Léonard. Electrical Contacts to Three-Dimensional Arrays of Carbon Nanotubes. Nanotechnology, IEEE Transactions, 2013. [paper][preprint]

Presentations & Invited Talks

  • “Emergent versus Individual-based Chemotaxis in Cell Clusters”, American Physical Society March Meeting, New Orleans. 3/17
  • “Emergent versus Individual-based Chemotaxis in Cell Clusters”, Gordon Research Conference on Stochastic Physics in Biology, Ventura CA. 1/17
  • “Collective Migration due to Multicellular Chemical Sensing”, Midwest Quantitative Biology Symposium, Purdue University. 10/17
  • “Collective Cell Sensing & Multicellular Migration”, Invited talk, University of Edinburgh. 9/16
  • “Collective Sensing & Migration during Tumor Cell Invasion”, Purdue Cancer Research Day, Purdue University. 9/16
  • “Limits to the Precision and Speed of Multicellular Chemotaxis”, 10th Annual q-bio Conference, Vanderbilt University. 7/16
  • “Collective Cell Migration”, Physics Graduate Student Seminar, Purdue University. 7/16
  • “Limits to Collective Chemotaxis”, Information, Probability and Inference in Systems Biology Conference, Institute of Science and Technology Austria. 5/16
  • “Limits to Collective Chemotaxis”, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Biomolecular Galaxy, Purdue University. 5/16
  • “Limits to Chemically Guided Multicellular Migration”, American Physical Society March Meeting, Baltimore. 3/16
  • “Tumor Cell Invasion: A Process of Collective Cell Migration and Sensing”, Purdue Cancer Research Day. 10/15
  • “Collective Cell Migration and Sensing”, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Protein Galaxy, Purdue University. 5/15

Contact me

Please feel free to send me an email using the mail icon at the bottom of the page or connect with me on linkedin.